Home Remedies For Ringworm

home remedies for ringworm


This article covers the different natural treatments and home remedies for ringworm.
These home remedies are safe, have few or no side effects, and are proven to be effective. Before starting any of the home remedies for ringworm, it’s important to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and monitoring. Discussing your treatment plan with the help of a medical professional can make the treatment more effective and it can also minimize risks.

Before treating ringworm at home, make sure that the affected area is dry and clean between treatments. Avoid additional irritants. Be sure to wash all towels, beddings, sheets, and clothing that have come into contact with the infection.

Natural Remedies for Ringworm

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider offers a lot of health benefits. It is also a popular and effective natural remedy for a number of health concerns. It contains probiotics and natural acids such as the acetic acid which has anti-fungal properties making it an effective tool for treating a number of skin problems including ringworm.

Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and gently dab on the affected area. Do this three to five times a day every day. Results may appear after two weeks but it is recommended to continue doing the treatment until the symptoms have disappeared.

Apple Cider Vinegar is safe for animals and kids but it may cause a little stinging sensation in the beginning. It may also cause irritation and redness in some skin types.


Garlic has a number of health benefits and is also a popular natural remedy for some illnesses. It contains ajoene and allicin which are naturally occurring chemical compounds that have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which make it a perfect home remedy for skin infections such as ringworm.

Use fresh garlic cloves and crush them until it reaches a paste-like form. Put the paste in a bowl and add three tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of olive oil. Stir well. Apply the mixture to the affected area. Cover it with a bandage and leave for one hour. Remove the bandage and wash the affected area with warm water. Repeat this procedure two to three times a day for two weeks.

Garlic may cause irritation, redness, and swelling.

Salt and Vinegar

The mixture of white vinegar and salt allows the skin to return to normal pH levels which enables a faster healing time and soothes itchy skin.

Make a paste by mixing 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Apply the mixture to the ringworm. Leave on the skin for five to ten minutes. Do this treatment once a day for at least a week.


Turmeric has numerous health benefits including anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Turmeric helps ease the symptoms while killing off the ringworm.

Make a paste out of crushed turmeric root or turmeric powder mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of water. Apply the mixture to the ringworm and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash this off with warm water and mild soap. Repeat the treatment three times a day until the affected area is healed.


Green papaya contains chymopapain and papain enzymes that help break down old layers of the skin and relieve the itching and inflammation of the skin. These enzymes prevent the growth of ringworm and destroy the fungi by affecting the defense shields.

Grind the raw papaya. Apply the paste to the affected area. Leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Repeat this two to three times a day until the ringworm is gone.

It is gentle to use on pets and children.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy for a number of skin conditions. It contains anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties that help in the gentle healing of some skin conditions like ringworm. It helps soothe the itching and irritation while killing the ringworm.

Cut off a part of the aloe vera and take the aloe vera gel found inside it. Apply the gel to the ringworm. Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes. Wash off with water. Repeat this three times a day until the ringworm is gone.

Essential Oils

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is extremely effective in treating fungal skin infections. It exhibits antiprotozoal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal abilities.

Apply the tea tree oil directly to the affected area two to three times a day using a swab or cotton ball. You can combine this with coconut oil and oregano oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid that has anti-fungal and microbial properties which help treat ringworm and other skin types of fungal infection.

Apply a small amount of coconut oil on the affected area. Massage it gently for three to four minutes. Repeat this three to four times a day. You may also apply the coconut oil before sleeping and then leave on overnight. Do this up to three weeks.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil contains powerful anti-fungal effects that can stop fungi from developing and kill fungal infections like ringworm.

Apply the lavender oil directly to the affected area three to four times a day using a swab or cotton ball. Massage gently. You can also combine the lavender oil with jojoba oil for better results.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil contains carvacrol and thymol which have impressive antifungal powers. Thymol enables a quick and gentle healing process. Oregano oil can be applied topically or consumed.

Combine oregano oil with other essential oils like coconut or olive oil. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the ringworm. Repeat this three to four times a day.

For oral consumption, mix five to ten drops of oregano oil into a cup of water. Drink this mixture three times per day.


Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that can help soothe and heal the skin of ringworm.

Drink a glass of Lemongrass Tea three times a day. Apply the used tea bag to the ringworm.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric has health benefits as mentioned above. Aside from the topical application of turmeric, you can also drink turmeric tea three times a day for quicker healing and added health benefits.

Olive Leaf

An olive leaf infusion has anti-fungal properties and can help boost the immune system. Take this three times a day.


There are quite a lot of natural home remedies to treat ringworm. Most of them can be easily found in the kitchen as these ingredients are used for cooking such as salt, vinegar, and garlic. They can also be found in groceries and convenience stores.

Some of these natural remedies can also be consumed for faster healing and added health benefits aside from applying them to the affected areas. Examples of these are lemongrass, turmeric, olive leaf, and oregano oil.

The other natural remedies are essential oils which offer a lot of health benefits aside from being used as a treatment for several health concerns.

These home remedies can be combined for a more effective and quicker healing.