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A hand of a woman who applying an antifungal cream for her ringworm

The best Antifungal Creams for Ringworm

Introduction This article describes the common antifungal creams prescribed by the doctors to treat ringworm in humans. Although there are other types of treatment such...
Women with ringworm on her face

How to Get Rid of Ringworm on Face?

Introduction Ringworm can affect different parts of the body which includes the face. This type of ringworm that infects the face is also known as...
A human skin with ringworm

How Long is Ringworm Contagious?

Introduction This article is about how contagious ringworm is and how long it is contagious on human beings. Ringworm has an incubation period and this...
A doctor take care of a woman with ringworm

What is the Best Treatment for Ringworm on Humans?

Introduction There are several types of treatment available out there to treat ringworm in humans. This article is about the different treatments that one can resort...
A women hand with ringworm‬‏

What Causes Ringworm On Human Skin?

Introduction This is all about the different causes of ringworm and how this skin infection gets passed on from one person to another. Ringworm, also known...
A man hand with symptoms of ringworm

What are the Symptoms of Ringworm?

Introduction Ringworm can show different signs and symptoms depending on the individual. The symptoms can also depend on the body part that is affected. There are...
home remedies for ringworm

Home Remedies For Ringworm

Introduction This article covers the different natural treatments and home remedies for ringworm. These home remedies are safe, have few or no side effects, and are...
A hand with ringworm

Ringworm of the Body (Tinea Corporis): Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Complications, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Overview The skin is the body’s first line of defense against various elements in the environment such as disease-causing microorganisms, environmental hazards, the scorching sun...
Ringworm (Scalp)

Ringworm (Scalp): Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Complications, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Overview Ringworm on the scalp, also called tinea capitis, is a fungal infection affecting the hair shafts and the scalp. This is a highly-contagious infection...