9 Yoga Poses for Hip Pain

Wman who makes yoga because he suffer from hip pain

Hip pain is a very common complaint among individuals of all ages. It can cause a mild pain or stiffness or severe pain that can prohibit you from doing your daily activities. Stretching and strengthening the hips can help relieve hip pain as it increases the fluidity of mobility.

The following yoga poses can help relieve hip pain and can be done by anyone:

1.Lizard-Lower Lunge

Did you know that lizards have loose hips? Doing this pose will make you realize it.
By doing the lizard-lower lunge, you the psoas muscle of the stretched leg and the inner thigh of the bent leg.

This pose is done just like a normal lunge wherein one foot steps forward with knee bent making sure that the bent knee is in line with the ankle while the other foot is stretched at the back with the toes curled under that foot. This lunge is lower than the normal lunge. Walk the forward foot a little out to the side and place both elbows on the ground interlacing your fingers. One elbow should be on the inside edge of the forward foot. The hips should be parallel to each other. Repeat using the other leg.

2.Figure 4

Doing the figure 4 helps engage the spine and allows the body to distribute the weight equally on both sit bones. It also allows the lateral and external rotators of the hip to stretch.

Sit down on the floor. Bend your knees and put them together a few feet in front of your chest. Put your hands one foot behind your back with the palms pressed on the floor and your fingers pointed to the front. The hands should be hip-width apart. Put one foot on top of the other knee forming a figure 4. Lean a little backward. Straighten the arms to feel the stretch. Repeat using the other leg.

3.Bound Ankle Pose

By binding your ankles with this pose, you automatically bind your hips. This pose opens and relaxes the groin and inner thighs.

Sit down on the floor and do a butterfly pose with your legs. Put the soles of your feet together and pull the heels close to your groin. Lean forward with your chest keeping the spine straight and pulling the shoulders back folding toward the feet.

4.Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is a hip opener that allows the inner thigh of the bent leg to open. It also deep stretches the glutes, shins, outer hips, and psoas.

Start with the downward facing dog. Lift one leg and step it forward between the hands. Drop the knee of the other leg down and untuck the toes. Slide the forward foot towards the opposite side’s pelvic bone with both the knee and the foot touching the floor. Flex the forward foot. The hips should be parallel to each other. Repeat using the other leg.

5.Cat and Cow Pose

The cat and cow pose stretches the entire back, hips, chest, neck, and core.

Start on all fours with the shoulders directly above the hands and the hips directly above the knees. Press the palms against the floor and spread the fingers. Inhale and arch your back lifting your head and tailbone and looking towards the sky. Exhale and round your back tucking your tailbone and tucking the chin into the chest looking between the knees. Do the poses alternatively for 10-15 times.

6.Child’s Pose

Child’s pose stretches the hips, shins, arms, spine, and knees.

Start by kneeling on the floor. Sit on your heels and keep your knees hip-width apart allowing your big toes to touch. Lower the torso down between the thighs while reaching far forward with your arms. Take a couple of breaths and release.

7.Head to Knee Pose

Head to knee pose addresses the discomfort in the groin and inside of the hip joint, outside of the hip joint, buttocks, and thighs. It also stretches the hamstring muscles.

Start with the same starting position as the seated forward fold sliding the sole of one foot against the other foot’s inner thigh. Keep the stretched foot flexed and lower the knee of the other leg as far as you can into a half-butterfly pose. Walk your hands along the sides of the stretched leg as you fold forward with your torso. Hold for 10 breaths and switch legs and repeat.

8.Eye of the Needle Pose

This pose is ideal for stretching out the hips, glutes, lower back, and knees and can help alleviate sciatica.

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your feet should be hip-width apart and should be touching the ground. Raise one foot and put it on top of the other leg’s thigh just above the knee. Interlace your fingers together at the back of your bent leg’s thigh. Slowly pull both legs towards the chest. Take 10 breaths and release. Switch on the other side and repeat.

9.Happy Baby

The happy baby pose stretches and externally rotates the hips, helps realign the spine, and loosens the inner groin muscles.

Lie flat on your back holding your feet with each hand with knees bent. Pull your feet towards your armpit. Rock side to side while keeping the head on the floor. Hold for a couple of breaths and release.