Top 5 Natural Remedies for Enlarged Heart

The doctor holds model of a green heart as a metaphor for natural remedies for enlarged heart


Are you heedful about an enlarged heart condition? The name clears spells out that the human heart appears magnified in size when any sort of imaging test is done. There’s an array of causes paving way for this threatening condition. Also known as cardiomegaly, it could pop up because of severely weakened heart muscles. Problems in the valve of the heart, coronary artery disorders, rhythmic disorders in the organ and amplified stress on the body due to pregnancy count as potential causes. There could be situations wherein the heart muscles would thicken up and the chambers of the organ could turn dilated. Even under such odd circumstances, the heart might become larger.

Wondering if the conditions last for a lifetime? Well, an enlarged heart is a condition that might press on for a long time or respond to treatments in a spry. Taking note of symptoms and resorting to proper treatment right-away can befit patients at large. Here’s a quick overview of the symptoms to watch for.

  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Palpitations showing up, also indicating outcomes of a skipped heartbeat.
  3. Fatigue.
  4. Unwanted swelling of the leg, sometimes aggravated and painful.
  5. Voice might turn odd and raspy, particularly when lying flat.
  6. Putting on weight around the abdomen.

Little did you know that ignoring the condition could rightly lead to a cardiac arrest. Here are a couple of symptoms that highlights a pressing need for immediate treatment.

  1. Heavy breaths. In fact, it could also be difficult to breathe in the first place.
  2. Chest pain.
  3. A tendency to lose consciousness and experience blackout.

Depending on the real cause of enlarged heart, treatments are suggested. When diagnosed early, medications might work wonder. These drugs work at slackening blood pressure and putting a bar to blood clots. It also strengthens heart contractions and cuts back chances of severe stroke. Surgical options are considered if the condition is grave. Ventricular assist device surgery, heart transplant surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting, and heart valve surgery are some options proceeded with.

Switching to some potential natural remedies is undeniably a great alternative. It surely cuts-down the risks associated with an enlarged heart condition.

What natural remedies should be put into practice?

  1. Keep a watch on your diet – Incorporating more of vitamin B1 into your diet could spruce up complications. Afterall, Thiamine or vitamin B1 play a pivotal role in all nervous and cardiovascular functions. Some of the food options potent with this nutrient include broccoli, spinach, lentils, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, cereals, lean meat, and tomatoes. It is key to cut down the counts of sodium in your blood. Therefore, stick to diets that include less sodium. Fresh meat, cream cheese, corn, milk, dried fruits, and eggs are a couple of beneficial options. Were you aware that potassium works wonders in keeping your heart healthy and fine fettled? It takes control of your heartbeat and ensures that the contraction of heart muscles is just right. Therefore, it is imperative to step up your potassium intake. Some of the common food items to consider include bananas, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes and dried fruits.
  2. Ensure good sleep – A good night’s sleep is a cure for many problems, heart enlargement being one. Sleep for at least 8 hours to reap the benefits and ensure that it’s sound sleep. It is also imperative to keep the body fit. Wrapping up physical activities daily casts a good spell on the body. Afterall, exercising not helps in melting off unwanted fat and works wonders in pumping up the organ. If you are already putting up with the side-effects of an enlarged heart, try doing aerobic exercises. It works miracle in shrinking enlarged heart conditions.
  3. Reap the goodness of lemons – Lemon juice is amazingly helpful in curing enlarged heart conditions. It spruces up the capillary walls and strengthens it by large. The little rich citrusy fruit abates hypertension too. For best results, squeeze the juice of a lemon, add salt and pepper to it and gulp down the drink every-day.
  4. Understanding the role of curcumin – To begin with, it is a natural ingredient found in turmeric. The organic compound cuts down the risks of heart failure, particularly if you are targeted with an enlarged heart condition. It also puts a stop to hypertrophy and alleviates the formation of scars in the organ. So, have turmeric each day and stay clear of heart problems.
  5. Maintain a good and healthy body – Obesity is reckoned as a leading problem of many disorders. Therefore, it is imperative that one should maintain a fit and fat-free body. Instead of gorging on foods that are replete with unsaturated fats, stick to healthier options like fresh veggies and fruits. Also, indulge in a good workout session. This would not just step up your fitness but keep you away from obesity. You can also stick to having green tea every-day. It surely cleanses your system of toxic substances and brilliantly cuts-down cholesterol levels. This naturally decreases your chance of encountering cardiac problems like an enlarged heart.

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to stay clear of the risks of an enlarged heart.