13 Home Remedies for Sinus Headache

Illustration of home remedies for sinus headache

Sinus headaches create a throbbing pain and a painful pressure on the head and on some parts of the face. A sinus headache is a side effect of a sinus infection brought about by the inflammation and swelling of the mucosal membranes. To reduce the pressure pain and decrease congestion with the nasal passages, you can try the following home remedies:

1.Water and Fluids

Drinking a lot of water or fluids will help keep your body hydrated and will also aid in the draining of the sinuses to relieve sinus pressure.


Sinus headaches at night can be caused by dry air that might be irritating nasal passages and therefore causing more mucus to compensate for that irritation. Thick and dry mucus in the sinus passages and in the nose can form crusts that trap viruses and other particles and block the drainage of the sinus. To relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and to avoid the irritation of the nasal passages, run a cool humidifier in the bedroom. Increasing the humidity can help mucus thin out and get moving.

3.Warm Compress

Apply warm compress or a hot washcloth over the eyes and nose to decrease the pain brought about by sinus pressure. It will warm the nasal passages, break the blockage, and loosen secretions.

4.Alternate Warm and Cold Compresses

Alternating warm and cold compresses can also help reduce the pain and pressure in the sinuses. Place a hot washcloth or towel across the sinuses for 3 minutes. Remove and place a cold compress or washcloth across the sinuses for 30 seconds. Alternate the warm and cold compresses for 3 times. Repeat the treatment 4 times a day.

5.Steamy Showers

Breathing deeply while standing in a steamy shower will allow the draining of the sinuses and will also open up the nasal passages to relieve the pain caused by sinus pressure.
The heat from the steamy shower will expand and soothe the sinus cavity. Taking steamy showers in the morning is really helpful especially when starting the day. Sinus headaches are worst in the morning because the nasal passages usually get clogged while sleeping or laying down at night.

6.Saline Spray

A saltwater nasal spray can help remove the congestion. It can aid in clearing out the nasal passages and reducing the inflammation. Saline solution or salt water solution helps the tiny hairs in the nostrils, cilia, move the allergens and mucus out of the nose.

7.Neti Pot

Use a neti pot to wash off the sinus cavity that can help in reducing the pain caused by sinus pressure. Use distilled or sterilized lukewarm water, a pinch of baking soda, and a 1/2 teaspoon salt to clean the nasal passages and drain the mucus.

8.Sinus Steam

Add a half handful of peppermint, rosemary, or eucalyptus to a bowl of boiling water.
You can also opt for one or two drops of essential oil. You can add a pinch of marshmallow leaf for lubrication if your sinus problem is a result of excessive dryness. Bend your face over the bowl and keep the bowl and your face completely covered by using a large towel. By doing this, you are trapping the steam while breathing in the anti-inflammatory effects of the herbs. The warm steam will relieve a sinus headache by soothing the irritated sinus passages. Try keeping your face inside the steam for about 8 minutes. There may be an inevitable release of mucus during the process.

9.Chilled Washcloths

Add 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil to a wet washcloth. Seal the washcloth in a ziplock and put it in the fridge for about an hour. Apply this chilled washcloth to the temples and eyes to soothe the pain caused by a sinus headache.

10.Spicy Food

Eating spicy food such as peppers and hot mustard promotes drainage that’s why you usually get a runny nose after eating spicy food. It opens up the nasal passages gives relief from sinus pain. Peppers also contain capsaicin, an active ingredient that is believed to be a natural pain reliever.


Cinnamon contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. There are two ways to use cinnamon in relieving sinus headaches:

  • Drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon to relieve a sinus headache and sore throat due to post-nasal drip.
  • Mix cinnamon with water and make a paste out of it. Apply the cinnamon paste directly to the forehead.


Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Make a hot tea out of it by steeping ginger root. The hot tea makes it soothing and reduces the sinus pressure causing a sinus headache. Adding honey to ginger tea can also relieve other symptoms of sinusitis such as a sore throat. The spice in ginger also promotes nasal drainage.


Honey is a perfect solution for sinus congestion that causes a sinus headache. Spread a bit of honey on the forehead, and over and under the eyes. It’s a sticky solution but it quickly drains the sinuses and provides relief.