8 Natural Remedies for Silent Reflux

A woman prepares natural remedies for silent reflux


Are you scared to grab a bite of pizza or maybe gulp down a bottle of beer? That annoying discomfort right down your throat simply throws you off. Offshoots of silent reflux are encountered by many. Though not a chronic condition, the disorder must be dealt with quick. Silent reflux is better known as laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR. The condition arises when stomach acid shoots up in reverse into the esophagus. It’s not just the food pipe that’s affected, it casts an awful impact on the voice box and the nasal passage too. Let’s quickly go through the symptoms so that it’s easier to identify the condition without any delay.


  1. Since the larynx is affected, you might deal with a rough and hoarse voice.
  2. An after-bitter taste lingering your throat.
  3. The urge to clear your throat every now and then.
  4. Soreness in the affected area.
  5. Post nasal drip.
  6. Putting up with a tough time swallowing food.
  7. Dealing with a stingy sensation in your throat.
  8. Asthma and problem in taking clear breaths.

Silent reflux might pop up due to overuse of alcohol consumption and tobacco. It could also be an aftermath of esophageal deformity. Wondering what’s that? Well, there lies a circular ring of muscles or sphincter in the beginning of the stomach. These sphincters are highly elastic, helping the food drop down into the stomach for further breakdown. However, it shuts-off right after. In case, the sphincters fail to close completely, contents in the stomach acid flow in reverse, back into the food pipe. This undoubtedly paves way for LPR.

Figuring out the root of the problem is essential. It has often been observed that people targeted with obesity mostly encounter problems like silent reflux. This is because the amplified fat in the abdomen area impedes with the regular esophageal functions.
One of the most proven hacks to ensure relief from LPR is to ward off alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and fatty junk food items from your diet. Not only will it guarantee flourishing health but also work wonders in relieving you of the symptoms of silent reflux.

What are the best remedies to cut down reflux symptoms?

Before resorting to drugs and medications, it is always great to try out a few natural remedies. Here’s a quick look at these potential remedies.

  1. Lifestyle Changes – It certainly tops the charts of remedies. Silent reflux or acid reflux is rightly proportional to the lifestyle you carry out. For instance, using too much of tobacco and consuming alcohol could work as a curse, drying your throat beyond imagination. Using chewing gums very often can also trigger the condition. It is because chewing gums are heavily laded with sodium bicarbonate.
  2. Workout for a fitter body – Of course obesity is unwanted. If you are capable of slackening even 10% of your body fat, it might miraculously relieve you off acid reflux. Exercising every day will enhance circulation of blood in the body. This aids better digestion and lesser chances of reflux.
  3. Try out a befitting anti-reflux diet – This certainly ensures that most of the yummy foodstuffs are eliminated straight-away. No junks and no chocolates. Instead, more of leafy greens, vegetables, non-citrus fruits, ginger, breakfast cereals like oatmeal and healthy fats into your diet. Yes, you heard it right. Keeping a human body refrained from fat will pave way for grislier effects. It is an essential nutrient that works miracles in maintaining health that’s finely fettled. List of healthy fats includes flaxseed, avocados, sesame oil, sunflower oil, and walnuts.
  4. Routine to kick-start a day – Gulping down a cup of water with added fresh lemon juice is a recommended way to start a day. Although it is citrusy, the body shows great results in balancing acid levels in the system naturally. You could also drink at least two glasses of fresh Aloe Vera juice every-day.
  5. Almonds – Raw almonds are a great source of calcium. However, this alkaline rich nut helps settle the pH balance in the body, uplifting your digestive system by large.
  6. Do not sleep right after eating – This ranks as an important cause of reflux. Lying down straight after gorging up a plate of food provokes the stomach acids to flow reverse in the wrong direction. Complying with the general rule comes handy here. One should lie down at-least 2-3 hours after the food has been consumed. This is a crucial period as digestion plays a role, preventing backflow of stomach acids.
  7. Stay away from carbonated beverage – Our go-to soda is dangerous for those putting up with silent reflux. This is because, bubbles in the soda stretch out the stomach, paving way for abdominal distension. This is strictly unwanted as it casts an awful lot of pressure on the esophageal sphincter, naturally amplifying chances of reflux.
  8. Comfortable clothing – Yes, clothing has much to do with reflux conditions. Getting into skinny jeans or body-hugging clothes creates a lot of pressure on your stomach. This cause stomach acid to strike up, leading to reflux. Breezier loose-fitting clothes is a befitting trick to stay