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Metatarsalgia: Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Complications, Diagnosis and Treatment


1. Overview

Have you ever wondered about how important your feet are?
The feet play a pivotal role in one’s daily life. For years, engineers and experts marveled on the structure of the feet and how they can carry the body’s weight. People rarely appreciate their feet, and as a result, they neglect caring for them.

People will only take a look at their feet if they experience problems, pain or injury.
Often, the feet become overused, and this may lead to a condition called metatarsalgia, which is characterized by pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot.

The ball of the foot becomes inflamed, swollen and painful. Though this condition is not severe, this condition might cause a great deal of discomfort. Also dubbed a stone bruise, metatarsalgia affects the metatarsal heads, where the three middle toes connect and meet with the ball of the foot.

In the United States alone, forefoot injuries including metatarsalgia are very common among athletes who engage in high-impact sports. Metatarsalgia is commonly-seen in athletes who participate in high-impact sports that involve running or jumping. While those who engage in track and field are the ones at the highest risk of acquiring this type of injury, those who perform tennis, baseball, soccer, and football are at risk too.