The Link Between Pernicious Anemia and Hair Loss

Man who suffers from Pernicious Anemia which leads to Hair Loss

Pernicious anemia, in other words, is also a name for vitamin B-12 deficiency. Rather, the medical condition is reckoned as a consequence of having a major dearth of Vitamin B-12 in the body. A couple of symptoms pop up as an obvious aftermath. Fatigue, breathlessness and hair loss tops the charts of these symptoms. So, if you were brooding over reasons for those sudden ugly bald patches and severe hair fall – you are versed in the answer now! Let’s delve more and gain a deeper insight into the condition and its early symptoms.

Pernicious Anemia – What is it?

Pretty much everyone is schooled about what anemia truly is. A condition in which the density of blood is quite abated in normal red blood cells. When the human body system is incapable of imbibing essential nutrients and vitamin B-12, it paves way for a serious medical condition, known as pernicious anemia. Little do we know that vitamin B-12 play a massive role in creating the very functional red blood cells. It also helps maintain healthy nerve cells.

Categorizing the illness as an autoimmune disease is surely appropriate. Wondering what autoimmune truly means? Well, it refers to a condition wherein the body battles itself causing immense damage to the overall system. The medical term for the condition ‘Pernicious Anemia’ says it all. It is undoubtedly lethal and requires an immediate medical condition for a speedy cure.

The Causes – What paves way for such a serious malady?

It has been mentioned repeatedly that pernicious anemia is a definite outcome of vitamin B-12 deficiency in the body. The first question that springs up is what causes the dearth of vitamin B-12? The slackened ratio of intrinsic factor is the real cause of this deadly disorder. IF is nothing but essential protein produced by the cells in the stomach. When the concentration of these cells experiences a cut-back in the stomach lining, it fails to soak up vitamin B-12 in the system.

B-12 is of big-league importance when it comes to the functioning of a human body system. It helps in maintaining fine fettled health by amplifying the production of healthy red blood cells. The vitamin plays a key role in maintaining healthy nerve cells too. Impaired absorption of the nutrient in the system helps produce large sized red blood cells, also known as macrocytes. Owing to the abnormal size of these blood cells, it fails to circulate throughout the body from the bone marrow. Rather, the oversized red blood cells thrive in the bone marrow and coagulate. This drastically cuts down the ratio of oxygen in the bloodstream causing tremendous fatigue and breathlessness.

Did you know that Vitamin B-12 is also labeled as the ‘Energy Vitamin’? Afterall, it is one of the prime nutrients that help soak up energy from the foodstuff you consume. Little did you know that the same nutrient plays a monumental role in maintain hair growth and hair color.

Pernicious Anemia and Hair Loss – The Link

Are you worried spotting the bald patches on your scalp? Is your hair-fall on a dramatic ever-increasing scale? Are you also coping up with greying and thinning of hair shafts? Obviously, a reason to brood hard over. However, let’s just pacify you by saying that you are not alone in this torturous race. When it comes to hair loss or greying of hairs, we straightaway jump to a conclusion that it is caused due to the lack of vitamin A, E, C, D and what not. Even biotins find a place in the list of reasons but not vitamin B-12. Time to rethink about the real causes.

Scientifically known as cobalamin, Vitamin B-12 plays a massive role in amping up hair growth. It also works wonders in helping maintain appropriate hair color. The sad part though – a body deficient in Vitamin B-12 can go unnoticed for years. Thinking why? Well, because the symptoms are extremely subtle and can be overlooked in no time.

Here’s the funny bit – there are a total eight essential B vitamins in the body and B-12 scales down as the lowest required vitamin for daily use. Even then, this pivotal element sees a major cut-back. Wondering how to hike up the ratio of vitamin B-12 in the body in the most organic manner? Adapting to a few changes in one’s regular could surely work wonders.

  • Consume more of poultry and dairy products. Meat, eggs, shellfish are some great options.
  • Are you a vegan? Well, you could also burgeon up the ratio of vitamin B-12 by snacking upon nuts, fortified soy, rice milk and the readily available nutritional supplements.

Sneak Peek at the Symptoms of Pernicious Anemia:

  1. Fatigue and tiredness beyond imagination.
  2. Sudden weight loss.
  3. Chest Pain.
  4. Memory issues – this is because Vitamin B-12 also manages healthy production and maintenance of nerve cells.
  5. Gait problems.
  6. Numbness in arms and legs also termed as peripheral neuropathy.
  7. Nausea.
  8. Loss of appetite.
  9. Heartburn.
  10. Unwanted hair falls and greying of hair.

Prevalent Curing Techniques for Pernicious Anemia:

When Vitamin B-12 levels are considerably scaled down, Vitamin B-12 injections are prescribed. Once the scale has come to an even, injections are replaced with Vitamin B-12 supplements.

It is safe to conclude the condition is treatable if the proper and early diagnosis has been conducted. Don’t panic about hair loss. As soon the scales of Vitamin B-12 has been maintained, regrowth of hair is guaranteed.