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A note from the doctor of diagnostic pernicious anemia after the patient made pernicious anemia test

How do you test for Pernicious Anemia?

Introduction Pernicious anemia is a rare chronic type of anemia characterized by the body’s inability to produce healthy red blood cells due to the lack...
Doctors perform gastrectomy in the patient

Why do Patients Develop Pernicious Anemia after a Gastrectomy?

Overview Gastrectomy is the surgical removal of a portion or all of the stomach. Gastrectomy is used to treat problems in the stomach that cannot...
A hold man who suffers from Pernicious Anemia

At What Age does Pernicious Anemia Occur?

Introduction Pernicious anemia is a chronic rare blood disease that is defined by the body’s inability in properly utilizing vitamin B12, a very important component...
A doctor explains about the link between pernicious anemia and vitamin b12 deficiency

Pernicious Anemia vs B12 Deficiency

Introduction Anemia is a blood disease when the hemoglobin is low and the body has very few red blood cells. Hemoglobin is an iron-protein compound...
illustration of the effect of Pernicious Anemia on the body

How does Pernicious Anemia Affect the Body?

Introduction Pernicious anemia is a rare chronic type of blood disease wherein the body produces a few red blood cells due to vitamin B12 deficiency....
Illustration of DNA of Pernicious Anemia

Can Pernicious Anemia be Hereditary?

Introduction Pernicious Anemia, also known as Biermer’s disease, is a rare type of anemia or blood disease in which the body is unable to properly...
Man who suffers from Pernicious Anemia which leads to Hair Loss

The Link Between Pernicious Anemia and Hair Loss

Pernicious anemia, in other words, is also a name for vitamin B-12 deficiency. Rather, the medical condition is reckoned as a consequence of having...
illustration of Megaloblastic Anemia

Pernicious Anemia vs Megaloblastic Anemia

Little were you aware that the prolonged sickly feeling and fatigue you were enduring all this time could be a potential symptom of pernicious...
Illustration of pernicious anemia

Pernicious Anemia: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Diagnosis, Treatment, Complications and Outlook

Overview The blood is an important part of the body because it’s responsible for making sure the needed oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the...